Well, I've been looking at this forum for a few days now trying to get the hang of iMacros and bots for Instagram. You all have been very helpful, so for those people out there like me that had a lot of trouble figuring iMacros and bots out, at first glance, I'm including the code for the iMacro I made, as well as, letting you know that you can PM me for the bot. I think I read somewhere on here that I can't PM till the 15th post?

Anyway, I use Chrome, so if you do too all you do is search google for "Chrome iMacro." The first link that comes up it where you can download it from. Install it, then open it in Google Chrome. This is where I had trouble. Just click the "record" button, then click "stop" and you'll be able to cut and paste this code over it. Remember, go to Webstagram and login with your instagram info.

***Copy the code to notepad first, hit Ctrl+H find "ADNAUSEAM" and replace with hxxp web stagram cxm***
***Then find "BOBLOBLAW" and replace with hxxp webstagram cxm***

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The tags I use are more artsy type stuff. If you have good pictures, these people will look at your page and like what you have. Some will even follow you. From what I've heard, there's a limit on times you can "like" a picture on webstagram, so you can't just leave this running all day.

For the bot, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT set this bot to "auto-like." If you do, you'll be locked out of statigram. Instead, search for a tag I.E. "Art," and hit the "go" button. Then over on the left it says "Follow everyone on this page" before you click that change the "max pages" above the button to 6-7. Hit "Follow Everyone On This Page" and you're all set.

Hopefully this helped. Time for the shameless plug: Look me up on instagram ad_nauseam